Photo: Simon Percivall

Hjorthagens vokalensemble (HjoVo) is a mixed choir with 18 voices under the creative direction of Ms Karin Oldgren. During its relatively brief existence, the ensemble has already completed several interesting projects.

In December 2016, HjoVo took part in a partially improvised opera performance, Gravity of Life, together with the Operaimprovisatörerna group of Stockholm. 

The next year, HjoVo and Drottningholms Barockensemble made a faithful replica of the first Swedish performance of The Messiah, in 1786. The then Stockholm audience’s first encounter with Handel’s oratorio had been in the Palace of Nobility, and we re-performed the work in the very same room, with identical lyrics and period instruments. Our performance was radio broadcast on Christmas Day and well received by the live audience too, with additional concerts in 2018 and 2019. Our warm thanks go to Professor Mattias Lundberg for restoring the 1786 texts and the baroque musicians. It was however members of HjoVo that sang the solo parts, like we usually do. 

Later collaboration partners include folk musician Lena Willemark and guitarist Mats Bergmström, percussionist-flutist Jonas Sjöblom, composer Henrik Dahlgren, the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, as well as reciters Johan Rabaeus and Stina Ekblad. A large portion of HjoVo’s programs is however a cappella – without accompanying instruments – and ranges from renaissance works, Nordic romanticism and more demanding contemporary music.

Our network

We are a choir within the Engelbrekt Parish of the Swedish Church. We perform regularly in the service and give concerts in the churches of the parish.

Hjorthagens Chamber Choir is active in the same parish and, like HjoVo, is headed by Karin Oldgren. With a headcount of forty, this choir is approximately twice our size.

The renowned and very active Drottningholms Barockensemble has a long-standing cooperation with the Engelbrekts Parish. HjoVo gives several concerts together with DBE each year.

HjoVo is a member of the organizations Sveriges Körförbund and Stockholms stifts Kyrkosångsförbund.

Collaborations make both sides richer. If you have inputs or ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss further!