Photo: Leif Johansson, Körcentrum Syd

Karin Oldgren (b. 1967) is organist in the Hjorthagen Church of Engelbrekt Parish. Karin holds degrees in sacred music, orchestral and choral conducting from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where she studied for Profs. Anders Eby, Gustaf Sjökvist and Kjell Ingebretsen. She has taught choral singing and choral conducting in Örebro University, where she was the director musices for ten years. In 2019, Karin was named “Choir conductor of the Year”, and has previously received competition prizes as conductor of St Johannes Chamber Choir, male choir Stockholms Studentsångare and Hjorthagens Chamber Choir. She has also been awarded the St Cecilia Prize for outstanding sacred musician by the Stockholm Diocese. A detailed biography (in Swedish) can be accessed here.

In her work, Karin’s focus is to develop today’s choir singing concepts and the forms of concerts, and to go beyond the conventional repertoire:

– My inspiration is to find new paths and explore choral music in a larger perspective. Not only to look closely at notes and lyrics but also, maybe more than anything else, to explore the relational perspectives: the singer’s connection to the choir and the conductor, the impact of choral music on the world around us and vice versa, how choir singing makes people grow, and not least my own relation with all these facets of the choir-singing phenomenon.  

You can get in touch with Karin by email to or phone +46 (0)8-406 98 47.